Luton is a large town in Bedfordshire, England, which is known for its large airport.

Luton Airport serves as the main hub for easyJet and has a long history of providing employment to people living in the region.

The airport’s history dates back to World War II when it was mainly used by RAF Bomber Command with the first plane landing in 1945.

Luton is an English town in Bedfordshire, England. In 2019, it had a population of 142,100 people.

Luton’s history goes back to the Romans and has been an important place since the early Middle Ages. The town became an important centre of weaving and linen production during the 18th century. With engineering development in Luton in the 19th century, it started to grow as an industrial centre.

Luton is a city and town in Bedfordshire, England. It is known as “The Hat”, which is due to the city’s crown shape created by its 17th-century boundaries.

Luton has been a popular destination for young people from London in recent years. Luton’s easy commuting distance of less than an hour by train means that it has become the second-largest settlement in the county, following Bedford.

Luton also has one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the country, with non-British nationals making up around a quarter of all residents, according to data released in 2015.

Luton is a large town in England.

Luton is a large town in England. It covers a lot of land and has a population of over 200,000 people. There are different industries that Luton has, with the largest being retail and wholesale trade.

Luton is a town in Bedfordshire, England. It is the county town of Bedfordshire on the border with Hertfordshire. Luton was once flint and warestone quarrying at its best and some of the most beautiful buildings that can be seen in Britain are found here.

Luton is a great place to live because it has several large shopping areas and is close to London airports

Luton is a town in England. With an estimated population of 144,857, it is the largest town in Bedfordshire and the second largest in the county of Bedfordshire. Luton has made a name for itself as one of the UK’s fastest-growing towns.

Luton has many attractions that are worth checking out:

– The Luton Hoo is a popular tourist attraction;

– Luton Hoo Garden is worth exploring;

– The MI5 headquarters are also located here.

Luton is a town in Bedfordshire, England. It is located 19 miles northwest of London Luton Airport

Luton’s history goes back to the Saxon period, but it was not until 1835 that the town obtained a charter as a municipal borough. From then on Luton was an important railway junction, being on three lines: (1) from Southampton, London and Bristol to Cambridge; (2) London and Birmingham to Wolverhampton; and (3) Banbury. Its site at the centre of three main roads made it an early centre for carriage building. The Midland Railway took over in 1844 and expanded into one of the largest locomotive manufacturers in the world at its factory in 1862.

Luton is a town in Bedfordshire, England. Luton has a population of about 117,000 people and it is the largest settlement in Bedfordshire.

Luton is a town that has existed for hundreds of years yet its history has been almost forgotten. That is because it was once the economic centre of England, but then its role changed to being more industrial than agricultural and this led to the decline in importance that it now holds.

Luton had the highest GDP per capita outside London even back in 1841 and thus was known as “The Manchester of the South”. It was once a bustling metropolis with ten times as many people living here which has led to some debating whether Luton might be Britain’s largest city on its own now.

Luton is a town and borough in Bedfordshire, England. It is located 32 miles north-northwest of London.

Luton has long been a popular place for both immigrants and those who have moved to the area for the benefits of its location in relation to London yet still enjoy a largely rural or semi-rural experience. There are also many people who move to Luton for its proximity to Cambridge, which is just a few miles away from the town center.